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The delivery was made today and left here for me as i asked this morning, thank you for your help, i ...

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Butterfly Life Cycle Sets

We stock a great range of butterfly life cycle sets for use at home and our larger classroom butterfly kits for schools. Children love the excitement of watching their caterpillars get bigger and bigger until they form a cocoon. Seeing the butterflies when they emerge is a truly magical experience for any child. Our butterfly kits are wonderful educational products for children both at home and at school.


Ten Interesting Facts About Stick Insects

Stick insects can make fascinating pets. For more information on Indian stick insects read on!...

10 Interesting Facts about Painted Lady Butterflies

10 Interesting Facts about Painted Lady Butterflies. Native to the UK Painted Lady Butterflies are most commonly used for Butterfly Lifecycle Sets....

10 Butterfly Species Found in the UK

This article contains names and descriptions of 10 different species of butterfly that can be found across the UK...