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10 Butterfly Species Found in the UK

Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle
There are around 28,000 butterfly species across the globe but here are 10 of the species that you can find in the UK.

1. Cynthia cardui – The Painted Lady – This species is a migrant to the UK and will fly out to find warmer climates during the colder period. The Painted Lady can be found across the whole of the UK.

2. Pieris rapae – Small White – Also known as the ‘Cabbage White’. It can be found across the UK in almost all areas. This species of butterfly sets up its habitat in almost any place it can find.

3. Vanessa atalanta – Red Admiral – Many of this species migrate to the UK from mainland Europe to help boost its population during the winter months. This species can be seen in a variety of habitats including sea shores.

4. Apatura iris – Purple Emperor – This butterfly has a wing span of around 70-92mm and is well known for its beautiful purple colours. The Purple Emperor can be found mostly throughout woodland.

5. Celastrina argiolus – Holly Blue – is often found in city parks as well as more wild areas. This particular butterfly has an unusual lifecycle. Huge populations of them can be found after 4 years and then they die out almost completely by the 5th. The reason is believed to be linked to the lifecycle of a parasitic wasp which is a natural predator of the Holly Blue.

6. Polygonia c-album – Comma – This butterfly was given the name due to the unusual white mark that can be found underneath its wing, which looks similar to a comma. Its wings are also an unusual shape and look like leaves to help them appear less like prey to their predators.

7. Gonepteryx rhamni – Brimstone – This particular species is well known for often being the first butterfly to be seen after the winter period.

8. Ochlodes faunus – Large Skipper – Can be found across England and Wales through thick hedge rows and fields.

9. Inachis io – Peacock – A very unique butterfly that has patterns on its wings which look similar to the eyes of a bird. This can look rather menacing to predators such as mice.

10. Melamargia galathea – Marbled White – A widespread species often seen between the months of June and July.


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