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10 Interesting Facts about Painted Lady Butterflies

1. Butterflies have sensors on their wings which catch the sunlight enabling them to fly

2. Butterflies taste with their feet and breath through their wings

Insect Life Cycle - Butterfly Set3. The average wingspan of a Painted Lady butterfly is 5.6cm

4. The Painted Lady caterpillar likes to feed on thistles and stinging nettles – so watch out!

5. The painted lady butterfly is a long distance migration butterfly and seeks warmer climates in the winter

6. Adult Painted Ladies have eye patterns on the underneath of their wings to scare off predators

7. A Painted Lady butterfly is orange black and brown with white spots

8. Female Painted Ladies will lay small green eggs across their chosen leaves

9. The Painted Lady butterfly drinks nectar from flowers through its tongue which is known as a proboscis

10. The average butterfly has a life span of 2 weeks. If you would like to see the lifecycle of a butterfly right before your very own eyes then visit www.SpottyGreenFrog.co.uk where you can buy a butterfly lifecycle kit.