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Gardening for Schools

These sets of gardening tools for schools are ideal for any nursery, primary or secondary school looking to start or develop its own garden or gardening club. Each tool in the sets has been specifically designed for children they are not just a cut down version of products for adult gardeners.

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Children’s Gardening Tools for Budding Gardeners

Choosing the most appropriate childrens gardening tools can help your child to get maximum enjoyment out of gardening. Metal tools and a sturdy kid's wheelbarrow are ideal....

Ten Interesting Facts About Stick Insects

Stick insects can make fascinating pets. For more information on Indian stick insects read on!...

How To Grow Potatoes in Containers

Growing potatoes in planters is easy. This guide to How to Grow Potatoes in Containers takes you through step by step from planting to harvesting....

Childrens Gardening Calendar

This Children’s Garden Calendar identifies ways of introducing kids to gardening. Ideas for each month are summarised in a handy gardening planner with activities for children....

How to Set up a Children's Gardening Club

10 steps on how to set up a gardening club for children including information on the perfect tools for budding young gardeners....

Worms and Composter FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions about keeping worms and using them in worm composters. This includes information on what food is safe to feed to worms...