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Dear Kerry,A very big thank you for the trouble you went to for the safe arrival of my Wacky Wheel ...

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Keeping Insects in a Classroom, Insect Life Cycle Sets

FAQs on Using School Butterfly Kits

Keeping butterflies in a classroom gives children the chance to see the lifecycle of the butterfly at first hand. If you are planning to get a school butterfly kit for the first time and have some queries, read our FAQs....

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10 Interesting Facts about Worms

10 Interesting Facts about Worms. The childrens worm farm from Spotty Green Frog is ideal to watch the worms hatch and develop....

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Butterfly Cage Makes Home for Pet Stick Insects

Buy butterfly and caterpillar refill vouchers for your butterfly set. Or turn the net from your butterfly set into a home for pet stick insects with a voucher for stick insect eggs. ...

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Ten Interesting Facts About Stick Insects

Stick insects can make fascinating pets. For more information on Indian stick insects read on!...

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10 Interesting Facts about Painted Lady Butterflies

10 Interesting Facts about Painted Lady Butterflies. Native to the UK Painted Lady Butterflies are most commonly used for Butterfly Lifecycle Sets....

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10 Butterfly Species Found in the UK

This article contains names and descriptions of 10 different species of butterfly that can be found across the UK...

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