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This set is beautifully made and my 5 year old daughter loves it! The order was delivered promptly ...

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Toys your Kids will Love

20th October 2014

Toys Your Kids Will Love!

Soldier Skittles on Wheels


Hammer Bench

Soldier Skittles on Wheels

Owl Hammer Bench

Our handcrafted and beautifully painted 6 handsome wooden soldier skittles and 2 wooden balls on wheels, are a great 2 in 1 toy. Line up the 6 colourful Victorian soldiers and knock them over with the 2 wooden balls. Or slot the soldiers and the balls on to the pegs on the cart for a great pull along toy.

Knocking the pegs into the holes of the bench... that's what little ones like to do. This cute wooden baby owl hammer bench is great fun and a timeless wooden toy. Trains early motor activity skills.



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Story Express Safari Train Set


Activity Loop


Story Express Safari Train Set

Activity Loop

Bring home the adventure of being on safari with Janod's Story Express Safari Train Set. Designed in France, this set includes the 33 piece Story Box Safari Park, the Safari Train, and a wooden railway. You'll have everything your little one needs to make their own jungle tour.

There is a party in the jungle: the brightly painted jungle inhabitants can slide along the loops and get some speed with the wooden seesaw. The crocodile in the water can be rotated and opens and closes its mouth. With this colourful motor activity trainer children can nurture their dexterity and their hand-to-eye coordination.



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Children's Weaving Loom

Deluxe Wooden Workbench


Weaving Loom

Children can make their own creations with this weaving loom made of beech wood. 4 small wool balls (4g) in bright colours are included.

Deluxe Wooden Workbench

Prospective young craftsmen can train their carpentry and fine motor skills with this multi-functional wooden workbench: screwing, drilling, hammering and sawing. The workbench is also equipped with a screw clamp just like a grown ups one. Comes with a handy carry tool box so that tools can be carried around the house for those important DIY jobs!



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 Cat Costume Kids Frozen Kids Costume 

Tabby Cat Costume

Frozen Fairy Dress

A plush tabby cat costume with feature hood, soft whiskers and padded nose. This ginger/tan tabby style has a soft tail with a front zip for easy wear.

An icy white fairy with a soft blue hue, trimmed with fluffy marabou, sparkling snowflake organza and silver highlights. Complete with matching glitter snowflake wings.



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