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Butterfly Directions Maths Worksheets

Lesson Plan: Butterfly Directions

Age group: Year 2
Subject area: Maths Key Stage 1
Curriculum objectives: Ma3 3a, 3b, 3c

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Lesson objectives:

Pupils should learn:

  • The directions
  • To work through a problem in a logical way.

Learning Outcomes

Pupils will be able to

  • Present the results in an organised way.
  • Children will be able to explain what they did and describe the patterns they see.


Above, below, left, right next to, underneath, middle.


  • Copies of the butterfly sheet and directions
  • Colouring pencils red, green, yellow, orange, pink and black


  • Ask the children to point above, below, underneath, next to, left, right of themselves.
  • Discuss strategies for remembering left and right (your left hand makes an L shape with your thumb and index finger as you look at it from the back of your hand).
  • Tell the children that they are going to work out which butterflies to colour in.


Which colour butterfly is right of the blue one?
Which colour butterfly is below the pink one?
Which colour butterfly is left of the orange one?
Which colour butterfly is in the middle?


Who can remember a good strategy to help us know our left from our right?

Additional Suggestions

Live Butterfly Kits are available from www.SpottyGreenFrog.co.uk. Click on the link to view.

  • Choose 5, 10 or 33 caterpillars for classroom use.
  • Buy the set one year and in subsequent years buy refill caterpillar vouchers

Queries? Call: 01962 889460 or email:

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