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Top 5 Games for Children’s Parties

Kids party games are sure to keep them entertained, here at Spotty Green Frog we like to test them out so here are our top 5 games for children’s parties.

1. The Strawberry Lace Game

Required items:
• Packet of strawberry laces.

Rules of the game:
• All children must stand with their arms behind their back
• The end of the strawberry lace must be placed in the child’s mouth
• The winner is the first to eat all their strawberry lace without using their hands!


2. The Moon Is Round

Required Items:
• No additional items required.

Rules of the game:
• The captain will draw a face with his/her left hand and say “The Moon is round, has two eyes, a nose and a mouth
• The captain will then see if anyone else in the group can do exactly what they have just done
• The trick with this game is that if a person is right handed they may draw the face with their right hand rather than their left as demonstrated by the first person. The captain may cough or hum during their drawing in which case to copy the captain the children must cough or hum exactly the same.


3. The Animal Treasure Hunt Game

Required Items:
• Some treasure, chocolate coins is a great option.

Rules of the game:
• In teams the aim of the game is to find the hidden treasure
• Your teams must be given an animal name, so you could have the cow team, or pig team etc. Any communication between the team members must only be made with the sound of the animal their team is named after, e.g., cow team would communicate with a ‘mooooo’ sound
• The captain of the team is the only person who can collect the treasure however the cannot hunt for it
• The team members must hunt out the treasure and communicate with their captain to collect the treasure
• The winning team will have collected the most treasure.


4. The Musical Numbers Game (variation of musical chairs)

Required items:
• Numbered circles (could be large pieces of paper or material), small amount of prizes.

Rules of the game:
• Make sure that in preparation you have numbered your presents e.g. 3, 7, 1, 12 (numbers will depend on the number of children you have)
• Arrange the numbers around the room on the floor
• Play some music
• When the music stops all the children must find a number to sit on
• When you have stopped the music call out the magic number to see who has won a prize!


5. Classic Hot Potato

Required Items:
• Potato or other item to pass round as the ‘Hot Potato’.

Rules of the game:
• Gather the children into a circle
• The children must pass the potato (other item could be uses) not holding it for more than one second
• The leader can at any point shout “HOT POTATO” this person is then out of the game
• Last person in wins!


These games are sure to provide some fun and entertainment for little kids and big kids too!

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