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Spotty Green Frog Introduces Local MP Steve Brine

Steve Brine MP has always taken a keen interest in green issues including the importance of recycling. With a recent new addition to the family, he is particularly conscious of the benefits of reducing the amount of waste going from his home to landfill. He welcomed an approach from Caroline Blatchford, the MD of website Spotty Green Frog, suggesting that he could recycle food waste from his family home using a worm composter.

The Spotty Green Frog website – www.SpottyGreenFrog.co.uk has donated a wooden worm composter for use by Stephen Brine and his family. The worm composter is in the shape of a beehive with three levels which has proved popular with gardeners because it acts as a feature in the garden as well as producing both nutrient rich compost and a liquid fertiliser known by gardeners as “worm tea”.

Worms will eat a variety of organic waste including food leftovers, the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag, cotton material, egg cartons and hair.

Caroline has offered to help Steve Brine to keep an online diary of his worm composter. She said, “Once the worms get established in the composter, they should recycle waste equal to half of their own body weight each day. The worm composter provided to Steve Brine should easily recycle the food waste from a family of four.”

Steve Brine said: “I am delighted to be working with Spotty Green Frog on this, and we are all really looking forward to using the worm composter. As well as being able to recycle our food waste at home, and have Emily and young William get used to this as being completely usual, I’m very happy to have such a forward-looking young company here in Winchester, and wish Caroline all the very best for the future.”

MP Steve Brine With Spotty Green Frog MD Caroline Blatchford

 From left: Spotty Green Frog MD Caroline Blatchford, MP Steve Brine and daughter Emily. 

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