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How to Make a Children’s Puppet Theatre

Children's PuppetsA simple guide on how to make a children’s puppet theatre.  This puppet theatre is ideal for string or marionette puppets or puppets controlled by a stick from above.

Children love creating and playing with puppets.  These fun activities have tremendous benefits for them in developing language skills, imagination and craft skills.  Working with friends brings the added benefits of social interaction and team work.

You will need:

One Box – large enough for your puppets e.g. shoe box, packing box
Sticky tape
Glue & Brush
Paint Brushes
One Adult – to help with cutting

  Collect everything you will need, protect surfaces with newspaper etc and put on your painting aprons.

   Tape your box up ready to cut. 

How to Make a Children's Puppet3    Ask an adult to cut a large rectangular hole in the top and one at the front.  See diagram. 

4    Decide on the theme for the inside of your theatre.  Will it be a forest, the seaside or something else?

   Paint the inside of the box.

   It is hard to draw or paint pictures on the inside of a box so draw or paint the things which you need on the paper, cut them out and stick them inside your box.  Big bold pictures are easier for your audience to see.

7    Paint the outside of the box.  You can paint a pattern or pictures on the box or cut out pictures or shapes to stick on.  Huge flowers or stripes can look particularly effective.

8    Put your box on a low table, get your puppets ready and let the show begin!

Spotty Green Frog sells a range of children’s puppets including ballerinas, tigers, cats, pigs, horses and spiders.