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How to Grow a Tree

Ever wondered how to grow a tree? Growing a tree is a simple and fun task in the children’s gardening world and can educate kids about different subjects including photosynthesis and lifecycles.

You will need:

• A plant pot

• Crocks/stones

• Soil or compost

• Seeds – you could start your tree growing activity by going on a seed hunt. Why not collect conkers, acorns and helicopters!

What to do:

1. Place some crocks or stones in the bottom of your plant pot to cover the water hole just enough that the soil/compost will not escape BUT allow for drainage

2. Nearly fill the pot full with soil/compost

3. Plant your seeds about 2cm deep in the pot and cover over well with soil/compost

4. Water your seeds well to make sure they are cosy and happy in their new environment – keep watering your seeds when the soil is dry (make sure you do not over water your seeds)

5. Now you have to wait...seeds take some time to get rooted and sprout...but if you are patient you will see some amazing results!

It is best that you plant a number of the same seed. Not all seeds are guaranteed to sprout successfully and the more you plant the more success you will have.

You can keep your tree in a pot as it grows, but make sure you re-pot it when it becomes too big for the pot that it is currently in – otherwise you tree will not grow any further!

Need some gardening tools and equipment for your school? Take a look at our Childrens Gardening Range.

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