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Chocolate Slab

Carol from the Great Walstead School has kindly sent in this very tasty chocolate slab recipe and we are told is the students favourite!

This childrens easy recipe is perfect for school cooking clubs who do not have the use of an oven.

We welcome ideas which can be used in a classroom environment without an oven, please do contact us with your recipes!

Chocolate Slab

100gm crushed digestive biscuits
121/2 gm cocoa (1dstp)
50gm butter or hard margarine
25rms cake crumbs (optional)
25gm caster sugar
1 tblsp golden syrup
25gms raisins
50gm melted chocolate
Few cherries - chopped


1. Melt sugar, butter and golden syrup in a saucepan.

2. Add cocoa powder, stir until slightly thickened.

3. Pour onto biscuit, raisin, crumb and cherries. Stir to coat.

4. Press into 18cm greased cake tin (I use a Lakeland foil dish).

5. Cool and top with melted chocolate. Allow to set.