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Butterfly Lifecycle Kits for Children

28th February 2015

Spring is in the air & Spotty Green Frog HQ is full of excitement- March is the start of the butterfly lifecycle season & we’re looking forward to raising our very own butterflies!

Our lifecycle kits allow children to watch the miracle of metamorphosis up close & it’s an educational experience your child will never forget! Raise and feed your very own butterflies & then watch them fly away as you release them out into the wild.

Already have a lifecycle kit from last year? We sell caterpillar refill vouchers!

Kids Butterfly Set

Large Butterfly Pavillion Set

Kids Butterfly Set

Large Butterfly Pavillion Set

This butterfly kit includes a voucher for 5 live caterpillars and food (Your voucher covers the cost of the caterpillars but £2.99 p&p is payable).

A large butterfly set for up to 10 butterflies. You will receive a large butterfly pavilion (60 cm tall) and a certificate for ten caterpillars. This butterfly kit is ideal for use in schools or at home. (Postage and packing for the caterpillars when you redeem your voucher is £3.50.)



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Butterfly Set with Life Cycles Stages Figures

 Large Peace Boat 3D Puzzle

Giant Butterfly Set with Life Cycles Stages Figures

Classroom Butterfly Set for Schools and Nurseries

This butterfly set includes a 45cm high, collapsible and reusable habitat, certificate for 10 caterpillars with food (£3.99 p&p fee required when you redeem the certificate online with the caterpillar breeder), feeding pipette, instructions and Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle Stages figures..

This is the ultimate classroom butterfly set for schools and nurseries. The pack consists of a large net (60cm high), a certificate for 33 caterpillars, a feeding pipette for the butterflies, instruction guide, fun fact sheet with word games, a booklet with a mini-lesson and drawings to colour.



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5 Caterpillar Refill voucher for Butterfly Kits 33 Caterpillar Refill for Classroom Sets

5 Caterpillar Refill voucher for Butterfly Kits

If you have bought a childrens butterfly kit and would like to buy more caterpillars for your butterfly set, you can do so using this Insect Lore Butterfly Refill coupon. You buy the coupon or voucher from Spotty Green Frog and then arrange for new set of five caterpillars to be delivered by completing an online form using the unique code on your voucher or by completing the coupon and posting it.

33 Caterpillar Refill for Classroom Sets

This refill voucher is for 33 caterpillars which is ideal for the Large Pavilion set or the Classroom set. When you receive your voucher, you can order your caterpillars online or by post to arrive during a week which is convenient for you. This allows you to work round school holidays and project plans.



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 Spider World  Worm Kit

Spider World

Childrens Worm Farm

Learn how to keep spiders safely, observe how they make their nests, how they feed and breed. Contents include quality equipment and Nick Baker’s fascinating guide to spiders

Look inside the fascinating world of worms with this fun and informative worm farm kit. Watch your worms mix up the different coloured layers in their chamber and feed them leaves. This product provides a great opportunity for children to learn more about worms’ importance in our ecosystem.



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Stick insect kit

Stick Insect Kit

lady bird lifecycle kit

Ladybird Habitat

A stick insect kit which comes complete with pop-up housing for your Indian stick insects, a coupon for your eggs and a fun-filled fact guide. Order your eggs by post or online and watch as your new pets emerge, moult their skins and then hide amongst the twigs.

Catch some ladybirds in the garden, or redeem the enclosed coupon, place them in the habitat and observe a tiny, secret world. The see-through dome habitat allows you to get a bug's eye view as you watch your creatures inside.



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