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Thanks guys. Got my parcel today. Your companies gifts are going to make my kids really happy on chr ...

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Insect Lore

Spotty Boxes stock a range of nature and gardening products from Insect Lore including the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden, the Stick Insect Kit, the Backyard Bunch and the Insect Lore Wormery.

These products reflect the passion of the company for introducing children to the magical world of insects and nature. Insect Lore was founded in 1969. It was started by entomologist Carlos White was wanted children to understand magical process of metamorphosis.


10 Interesting Facts about Worms

10 Interesting Facts about Worms. The childrens worm farm from Spotty Green Frog is ideal to watch the worms hatch and develop....

Ten Interesting Facts About Stick Insects

Stick insects can make fascinating pets. For more information on Indian stick insects read on!...

10 Interesting Facts about Painted Lady Butterflies

10 Interesting Facts about Painted Lady Butterflies. Native to the UK Painted Lady Butterflies are most commonly used for Butterfly Lifecycle Sets....