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Green or Black Worm Compost Bin

Green or Black Worm Compost Bin
Green or Black Worm Compost Bin

A well designed green or black worm compost bin with three composting trays which is ideal for recycling kitchen waste. If you are looking to minimise the amount which you send to landfill, this is a great way to do it. Not only do you reduce to zero your carbon footprint on disposing of the kitchen waste, you also get worm compost (known by gardeners as black gold) and liquid fertiliser (worm tea) produced.

The worm compost is an extremely effective soil enricher or can be used as top soil. The liquid fertiliser is excellent for plants both indoors and out. It is, however, very concentrated and needs to be watered down to a ratio of 1:10 before use.

The worm composter needs very minor self assembly when it arrives (took two people with no previous experience about 15 minutes to put it together ready to add the bedding, food and worms) and takes around 15 minutes per week to maintain. Get your composter ready and then use your voucher to order your worms.

This is the three tray composter. Ideal for an average family or for demonstrating sustainability in a school. If there are more of you or you want to dispose of more green or kitchen waste, then buy extra worm composter trays.

To order, click on add to basket. Or go to our FAQs on Worm Composting for more information or contact us by email or call 0845 459 3270.

If you are looking for a mini worm farm for children click on the link.

  • Full colour instructions provided
  • Three processing levels with base and lid
  • Includes voucher to order worms


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